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Boat Loaders: The Front Loader
The Front Loader
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The Front Loader Standard Kit includes:

  • Front tee post
  • Two heavy duty rails
  • One Headache Rack
  • Standard electric loader

The standard Front Loader is constructed with all aluminum parts and will load a boat up to 300 lbs and up to 61" wide. Extra wide loader kits for boats over 61" wide are available and custom made to suit your needs – please call for pricing.

A class 3 hitch will have to be installed on the front of the truck to receive the front tee post. The front tee post has two eye bolts midway up to attach the cables when driving on rough back roads (cables optional). There are many options for each kit.

The kit comes with instructions and most people can get it installed and operational in one day. Two people can take the loader off for winter storage in about 10 minutes.

There are many options available for the Front Loader – for more information, please visit the Accessories page.