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Rear Loader

How it Works:

The 4 Boys Boat Loader is extremely easy to use. Simply place your boat at the rear of your vehicle and attach four carabineers to your boat. Then press a button on the winch controller and stand back as your boat literally loads itself!

The system turns the boat over, pulls it onto the vehicle, and even ties down both the bow and stern automatically! Simply attach a safety line and you are ready to go!

Launching the boat is just as simple, simply pull up to the water (if you can) and press the unload button. Your boat will back off of your truck, flip over, and lower right where you need it!

The standard Rear Loader is constructed with all aluminum parts will and load a boat up to 400 lbs and up to 61" wide. Extra wide loader kits for boats over 61" wide are available and custom made to suit your needs.


  • All aluminum construction for long lift (no rust).
  • Completely adjustable to fit any truck/boat combination.
  • Completely automatic operation (12V electric).
  • Winch will not drop boat if power is lost.
  • Winch controller is removable to inhibit theft of your boat.
  • Unique hollow braid rope for easy splicing and adjustment.
  • Installs with simple hand tools.
  • 100% hand built in Canada.
  • 1 year warranty.

Loader Rendering

The Rear Loader is designed to work with or without a canopy and is fully adjustable for any make/model of pickup (long or short box). The rack and ropes are completely adjustable, so if you ever change your truck, canopy, or boat, you will not have to buy a new rack. There is also sufficient height adjustment to allow the loader to be raised such that an ATV can be loaded in the truck bed beneath the loader.

The Rear Loader is more that just a loader, it is part of our family of universal racking systems. In the winter, remove the loader top deck, and you are left with two fully functioning headache/canopy racks - or install the cargo conversion kit (sold separately) to convert your loader into a fully functioning cargo rack. The conversion takes less than 15 minutes to install.

NEW! - All models are now supplied with one piece heavy duty 2 rails.


  • Rack weight: 180 lbs.
  • Max boat length: 16ft.
  • Max boat beam: 61" (*)
  • Max boat weight: 400 lbs.
  • Lifting device: Electric winch.
  • Max draw: 50 amps.

(*) Extra wide kits available for boats over 61" wide

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