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The 4 Boys Econo ATV Loader system is the simplest way to side load one or two ATVs in a pickup. The kit is offered in a single loader system for short box trucks and a double loader system for long (8’) box trucks.

  • All aluminum construction
  • Forward loading and unloading – no reversing!
  • Fully adjustable to fit any truck/quad combination
  • Room for cargo underneath the system

Econo ATV Loader Ramps Econo ATV Loader Detail Econo ATV Loader Ramps Flat

Each ATV is supported by two “ladder” assemblies that are bolted to the vehicles bed rails and supported by stub legs to the bed floor. The single ATV loader system includes two ladder assemblies; the double ATV loader system includes four ladder assemblies.

Both kits are supplied with two 10’ long folding “skinny” ramps. The ramps are stored in the truck bed underneath the ladder assemblies when not in use.

The kit comes with installation instructions and most people can get it adjusted and installed in less than one hour. Once the initial adjustment and installation is completed, the system can be installed or removed in about five minutes. The ladder assemblies fold up for flat storage in the off-season.