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Available in 7 or 8 foot deck lengths, and a fully adjustable undercarriage, the 4 Boys Snowmobile/ATV deck is always the perfect fit for all your toy hauling needs.

Features at a glance:
  • All aluminum TIG welded construction
  • Completely adjustable to fit any truck
  • 7 or 8 foot deck lengths
  • Suitable for rear or side loading applications
  • Room underneath deck for cargo storage
  • Deck sides telescope from 6’-3” wide to 8’-6” wide
  • Aluminum checker plate decking
  • Full Superglide® package
  • Three D-hooks for Superclamps® (two Superclamps® included)
  • Full DOT approved LED marker lighting
  • Courtesy light underneath deck
  • 4 Boys headache rack
  • 10 foot long telescoping ramp

The 4 Boys Snowmobile/ATV deck is all about versatility.

4 Boys Snowmobile/ATV Deck 4 Boys Snowmobile/ATV Deck 4 Boys Snowmobile/ATV Deck Telescoping Side
4 Boys Snowmobile/ATV Deck Pin 4 Boys Snowmobile/ATV Deck Ramp Detail 4 Boys Snowmobile/ATV Deck Hook

The 4 Boys snowmobile/ATV deck includes a fully adjustable undercarriage. The legs that support the deck can be adjusted front to back, as well as side to side – something that no other deck does. This allows the user to customize the fit of their deck, taking into account any special mounting requirements (fuel tanks, toolboxes, etc). The deck is fastened to the truck by means of bolts through the truck box bed, providing the most secure mounting arrangement available and preventing any unnecessary wear on the box rails.

Every 4 Boys deck includes telescoping deck sides. This allows you to quickly change the deck from a narrow (6’-3”) single hauler to a wide (8’-6”) double hauler. You choose when to be wide, and when not to be. The deck is also suitable for side loading applications (ATVs).
Included with the 4 Boys deck is a 10 foot long telescoping ramp that is stored underneath the deck surface when not in use. The ramp is suitable for both a rear and side load.

Other manufacturers use wood or plastic decking. We use 1/8” thick aluminum checker-plating for a more polished look, easier wash down, and maximum durability.

The deck and ramp are both completely outfitted with Superglide® puck board. The Superglide® puck board allows snowmobile skis to slide, but still allows ATVs and your feet to grip the deck/ramp surface. For more information, visit www.superclamp.net.

The deck is also provided with two Superclamps®. Superclamps® are the fastest, simplest, and safest way to secure the front of your snowmobile for hauling.

The deck is supplied with a fully DOT approved LED lighting package. This includes four marker lights frenched into the deck sides, and an ID light bar on the rear of the deck (required for loads over 80” wide). A courtesy light is also included on the underside of the deck to illuminate your cargo. The deck is supplied completely pre-wired with one connection point (either into a trailer harness, or into the vehicle's taillight).